Most recently, commissioned by Land Plan Developments I designed and built a 24 foot high glass sculpture for the new Forest Park Medical Centre in Southlake, Texas In collaboration with Water Structures Inc. the sculpture becomes a waterfall



A private residential commission features an eight foot high laminated glass sculpture with five openings for water to trickle down into a water garden.



Commissioned by Ron Holbrook – Landscape Architect, this sculpture becomes a waterfall.  Located on a terrace balcony on the 9th floor of a private residence in Toronto. Set into a stainless steel reservoir, the laminated glass is framed in a core 10 steel structure, a sheet of water flows over the top of the glass and create a frozen wave of water.  The piece is under lit with halogen lighting and glows at night.


The piece is under lit with halogen lighting and glows at night. roz at nighjt


Another project with Ron Holbrook is this glass screen fitted into a stainless steel frame, set into a stone wall,  laminated glass tiles act as a vehicle for water feature creating sheet of glass into the saline pool


Built into a recess at the back of a Neil Turnbull garden is a 10 foot by 8 foot tilting glass wall.  This feature is set into a cast bronze rail. Water drips down into a wading pool. The piece is backlit with fiber optic lights.


Stand alone water features

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