When a Tree Falls

Castor Canadensis and I have collaborated to create the objects in this exhibition.

Beavers do what beavers do and many trees fall.

The peripatetic Beaver decided to make my pond one of his homes.
This was an invitation for me to react, comment and eventually take action.
The similarity in which the trees fell intrigued me, the way the wood fibers where violently pulled apart spoke to me and eventually I needed to make an effort to collaborate with my new neighbor.
Initially I felt that I needed to respond to the destruction. There was anger and sadness. This resulted in making comments about this destruction.
We as humans do the same.
The next approach was that of a builder, a house builder. Just like the beaver, I too build houses, small houses and houses of the spirit.
This body of work deals with my interest in interaction with my environment. I have been invited to comment on this change to my pond scene.
By leaving evidence of the beaver’s work on the felled pieces and by borrowing I have rebuilt, rearranged and decorated.
















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