I love making STUFF


with found objects





with wood






















fu cu





with stone

fishman #1



with fibre


with glass

jel 15 3



glass with concrete and LED lighting













In 1980, I enrolled in the Kiln Fired Glass course at O.C.A. It was then that I knew this material is what I want to be working with and conquer. There I learned the technical aspects of warm glass. At this point I realized several  pieces of flat panels in clear, plate and coloured glass.

Upon further discoveries I wanted to start to build with glass. I knew that working in three dimensions was more gratifying for me so I needed to learn about adhesives and the structural integrity of glass.

There is an abundance of chemicals, adhesives, tools and machinery for industry that I could use to construct with and create sculpture.  Glass for me was the primary material to use.  I started to combine it with metals, wood, stone and other material and discovered that glass begs to be partnered with other material.

Stone and glass speak to each other in harmony. There is a relationship there that is metaphysical; one comes to and goes from the other.
Glass by itself is inherently seductive, it draws you near, it begs to be understood, it is a magical material that is awe inspiring.  This becomes a challenge for me as it needs to go beyond its sexy self to become sculpture. My challenge is to use it as any other artist’s material; hence I subdue its polished quality and take advantage of its translucent qualities.

root series






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