When Tree Falls

This latest body of works is a series of wood carvings. I have collaborated with Beavers that have decided to live on our pond.






One of my on going series of works celebrates “Heroes” , sculptural expressions of those who I feel have touched me . More obscure and unpopular and those who have made a contribution to humanity.




“Singing Fishmen” series

Stone carvings of half men, half fish in an expression of song.

Included in a group exhibition ,“Art as Ritual” , these pieces are of imaginary “saints”. Other material used is glass and fibre.




Falling Angels

Conceived in 1985 after a powerful dream of witnessing human figures descending from the heavens, I needed to respond. Glass was the perfect medium to use as it evoked an etherial felling of light and beauty. These humans where falling with graces, love and celebration , they where messages of hope and of the fragility of humanity.





Is a body of work included in a two person show, “Shelter”,  with  Lynne McIlvride.


quiesence          94~1        91


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